Cape Town is ready for 2010 FIFA World Cup

The kick-off to the first African FIFA World Cup is just months away and Cape Town is on track to being ready to welcome the world.  Preparing the city for the 2010 FIFA World Cup has been an industrious task, providing employment for thousands. Now, each vital element from transport and accommodation to safety and security has been successfully implemented – or is near completion – and the excitement on the ground is palpable.

The City of Cape Town has not held back on its resources regarding safety and security around the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  The South African Police Service (SAPS) are working closely with disaster management, emergency and rescue services, cleansing and transport through joint operations centres.  Police numbers have been beefed up and volunteers will be used as the eyes and ears of the police.  Crime spotters will be placed inside the stadium, working alongside a large contingent of FIFA marshals.  Heavy security will be in place along transport routes and at transport nodes.

The Integrated Rapid Transport System (IRTS) is a key part of the overall public transport plan for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and is in place to shuttle visitors from the airport to the new central transport hub outside the Civic Centre and from there to the stadium and back.  The city has also bolstered its fleet of buses, taxis and coaches to further guarantee quick and effective transport.

With an estimated 70 000 beds in the greater Cape Town area, there are various options for accommodation in Cape Town.  Whilst five-star hotels, guest houses and plush apartments with exquisite ocean views will cater to those who have the budget to spend, visitors looking for more affordable places to stay will have choices ranging from comfortable guest houses, B&B’s, backpackers and home-stays.

As the official visitor support service for Cape Town, Cape Town Tourism is ready to field questions and assist with bookings and travel plans. A dedicated website provides answers to questions commonly asked and is a great partner when planning a 2010 FIFA World Cup visit;

For more information on Cape Town Tourism visit or call + 27 21 487 6800. 

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About Cape Town Tourism

Cape Town Tourism is the official visitor, industry and destination marketing association for Cape Town. The Cape Town Visitor Strategy is recognized by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation as the world’s best. Cape Town Tourism is currently focused on supporting the tourism industry, the city’s leaders and the people of Cape Town to host a successful 2010 FIFA World Cup in a manner which creates a legacy for Cape Town way beyond 2010.

Cape Town Tourism’s comprehensive website has user-friendly touch-points which allow online visitors to explore Cape Town through the social media landscape. A dedicated 2010 FIFA World Cup portal assists visitors in planning their visit at this time.

Cape Town Tourism is contactable at +27 21 487 6800 or

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