Abandoned Springbok and Ostrich become friends at Aquila

An unlikely friendship started between an adorable baby springbok and a little ostrich when they were both abandoned by their mothers. They were both taken in by Divan Grobler, the Conservation Manager at Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa.

One day, roughly 4 weeks ago, he stumbled upon a newly born springbok and waited for the little bok’s mom to return, but she never did. He then began hand-rearing the sprightly little antelope, who so happens to be the national animal of South Africa.

Sometime later, and much to Groblers surprise, an ostrich chick was also found abandoned and wandering all alone. He then took the small bird in and has been caring for the pair ever since.

Aquila Head Ranger, Memory Khumalo, explains that mothers often abandon their young if they feel they are too weak to survive, but he says they will do their best to make sure the “little nuggets” survive.

Watch the cute video below…