We offer a range of membership plans to suit your business needs. We know that no two businesses are the same, and that's why you have the opportunity to choose a package of benefits suited to the needs of your business or product, while contributing to the sustainable growth of tourism in Cape Town.

Premium Membership Benefits

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    Being recognised as a trustworthy associate of the official tourism body.
  • k
    Networking Events
    Meet and connect with our partners and fellow members.
  • f
    Advertising Discounts Up to 15%
    Are available on various platforms.
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    Free Training Seminars
    To help your business grow and develop your sphere of influence.
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    Visitor Safety Support Programme
    Provides 24/7 assistance to international guests who may be involved in difficult situations in Cape Town.
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    Comprehensive Industry Insights
    On the tourism industry and the profile of visitors to Cape Town.
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    News & Industry Information
    To keep you up to date.
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    Comprehensive Website Listing
    Receive online exposure on our website that receives over 1.4 million hits per year.
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    Banking Transaction Discounts
    Preferential credit card transactional fees to as low as 2% and debit card fees to 1% for point-of-sale (POS) transactions for our members.
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    Exclusive Offers
    Have access to a number of service providers with whom we have negotiated discounted rates and specials.
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    Product Display Via Brochures & Digital Screens
    At selected Visitor Information Centres around Cape Town.
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    Sponsored Website Content
    Sponsor selected editorial content on the website.