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What do website users look for when booking a holiday online?

A recent survey was conducted by Frommer’s Unlimited and eDigital Research to determine what factors are most important to website users when researching and booking a holiday online. The results of the survey show just how important content is to the web user’s experience – not just the type of content but how it is presented and how accurate it is.

Most survey participants (84%) said that they research destinations online before deciding where to go. The most influential factors in making that decision are price (indicated by 85% of respondents), activities specific to their interests (68%), the length of the trip (65%) and the weather (63%). 

When web users plan a holiday, images are the most important factor influencing their decisions, followed by a description of the destination and maps. Website users also look for information on activities and events, the weather and travel information such as the time zone, currency and visa information. The survey findings indicate that a balance needs to be struck between inspiring visitors and informing them.

Sixty percent of people surveyed were interested in reviews by other travellers. As internet users across the world continue to utilise social networking, sites such as Facebook, Flickr and Twitter play an important role in influencing their decisions when it comes to settling on a holiday destination. 

When booking a holiday, website users’ priorities change slightly – rather than being inspired by a destination, they want to understand the practical details of the holiday, such as airport transfers, transport and security information, a map and detailed information about the location.

Ultimately, the survey concludes, “travellers need to be inspired about their potential holiday as well as having enough information to make an informed purchase.”

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