Monthly Updates - July 2013

JULY 2013

Visitor Services:

The number of over the counter interactions during July 2013 showed an 11% increase from June 2013 and year on year showed a decrease of 5% in visitor interactions in the VIC’s.  A total of 20 401 over the counter interactions were recorded of which 7 714 was within the CTT managed VIC’s.

The top three contributors to domestic visitors are Western Cape (76%), Gauteng (8%) and Kwa-Zulu Natal (4%).  The top contributors to international visitors were Germany (15%), the UK (13%), and USA (11%).  53% of visitors were from the domestic market and 47% from international market. Telephone and email enquiries for the network showed a 5% increase month on month and 10% decrease year on year. Total number of enquiries received for the network was 12 078, of which 11 390 was telephonic enquiries and 688 emails.

163 Bookable enquiries were received by the CTT network; this is a 51% increase month on month and 38% decrease year on year.  The team successfully converted 147 of the enquiries to confirmed bookings. This is conversion rate of 90%. The high conversion rate shows the dedication of the team to convert and reach targets.  The team exceeded their reservation target with 47%.

Industry Services:

Our focus was on the review of the CTT membership programme, consolidation and a quality rather than quantity approach. In light hereof, our focus was on relationship building with our existing members rather than aggressive recruitment of new members. The membership database stand at 1 384 members, which is a decrease of 24% from July 2012. The IS team interacted with 62% of the total member base through networking session, personal visits, phone calls, educationals and member training. This is an increase of 20% from the previous month.  A total of 12 new members were welcomed to the organisation.
CTT currently has 279 Emerging Entrepreneurs (EE) on the database, with 91 of the EE’s being Historically Disadvantaged Individuals’s.  A membership renewal process is currently in process. 


The first month of the fiscal generally marks a time of planning, strategising and budgeting for the new financial year. The Marketing Operational Plan and budget was compiled in July and addresses our core strategic objectives of demand generation, countering seasonality and citizen engagement.

Some of the key highlights in July include:

  • Our #LoveCapeTown City Breaks winter campaign centered around domestic packaging and has elicited good results from the period of May- September 2013. Thompsons has reported an increase in passengers of 7% from July 2013 compared to bookings in July 2012, and reports that their Western Cape market share has increased from 25%-28% overtaking Gauteng.
  • Continuing to see a growth in our website traffic of over 30% year on year, despite a handover in service providers. The target we had set ourselves was a 20% increase year on year.
  • Our top three Facebook posts reached a combined total of 272 000 people.
  • The content team provided support to eleven events and conducted four hostings.
  • As an organisation, we’ve reached 50% of our income targets for the Visitors Guide.
  • Cape Town Tourism with the support of our members collected 200 blankets with Cape Point to donate to the needy with the Mandela Day Blanket Drive. Thank you very much for your support.
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