Tourism Services Update – May 2013

Visitor Services

The number of over-the-counter interactions during May 2013 shows an 11% decrease from April 2013, and year-on-year showed a decrease of 5% in visitor interactions in the VICs.

A total of 19 536 over-the-counter interactions were recorded, of which 8 386 were within the CTT-managed VICs.

The top three contributors to domestic visitors are Western Cape (75%, down 1% from previous month); Gauteng (9%, same as previous month); and KwaZulu-Natal (4%, same as previous month). The top contributors to international visitors are Germany (19%, 3% down from previous month); the United Kingdom (16%, down 3% from previous month); and the United States (8%, same as previous month).

There is a shift in the breakdown between international and domestic visitors, with the majority of visitors now being from domestic markets. In April the split was 51% from the international market and 49% from domestic market. It has now switched over, with 55% being domestic and 45% being from international markets.

Telephone and email enquiries for the network showed a 1% decrease month on month and an 18% decrease year on year. Total number of enquiries received for the network was 10 156, of which 9 658 were telephonic enquiries and 498 emails.  

159 bookable enquiries were received by the CTT network; this is a 37% decrease month on month and 43% decrease year on year. The team successfully converted 150 of the enquiries to confirmed bookings. This is a conversion rate of 94%. This high conversion rate shows the dedication of the team to convert and reach targets – in spite of the fact that the bookable enquiries decreased, they still managed to exceed their reservation target.

Industry Services

291 member engagements for benefit activations, website assistance and courtesy calls.  

120 members enjoyed business support: road signage, start-up advice and funding advice.

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