Tourism services update – May 2012

Visitor services update:

1.1 VIC Network excluding accredited offices

• The VIC network (excluding the accredited VIC’s) achieved 9 051 walk-in visitors during May 2012, of which 4 423 were domestic and 4 628 were international visitors. This is a 12% decrease month-on-month. May shows a decrease of 8% in domestic visitors and a 15% decrease in international visitors. 

• The top domestic contributors to the visitor numbers were Western Cape (70%), Gauteng (11%) and Eastern Cape (5%).   

• The top three contributors to international visitor numbers were Germany (21%), Europe (19%) and the UK (17%).   

• The VIC network (excl accredited VIC’s) achieved 2 888 enquiries during May 2012 of which 2 306 were telephonic enquiries and 582 were email enquiries. This is an 11% decrease month/month.  Email enquiries shows a slight increase month on month. 

1.2 VIC Network including accredited offices

• The VIC network (including the accredited VIC’s) achieved 22 356 walk-in visitors during May 2012, which is a 2% increase month-on-month. 

• Total enquiries amounts to 12 354, of which 11 614 were telephonic enquiries and 740 email enquiries. This is a 5% increase month-on-month.

Industry services update

A total of 176 member care communications were recorded for May, which include emails, office calls and telephonic interactions.

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