Tourism Services Update – December 2012

The effect of the high season is evident in the increase in number of over-the-counter interactions during December 2012. Both month-on-month and year-on-year showed increases in visitor interactions in the VICs. Visitor numbers increased by 21% compared to the previous month, with a total of 33 447 over-the-counter interactions. This is also a 36% increase year on year. The VIC network (excluding accredited offices) serviced 15 081 visitors, which is a 20% increase month on month.

The top 3 contributors to domestic visitors are Western Cape (69%), Gauteng (13%) and Eastern (5%). The top contributors to international visitors are Germany (27%), the UK (14%), and the USA (19%). Forty-nine percent of visitors were from the international market and 51% from domestic market. This is a slight shift from the previous month, when 58% were international visitors. Telephone enquiries for the network showed an increase month on month of 34%, and a 30% increase year on year. Email enquiries for the network increased with 40% month on month. Total number of enquiries received for the network were 16 694, a 34% increase month on month and year on year. 

Twenty-eight business support sessions and 354 interactions with members were recorded – members of the Industry Services team attended a number of year-end member functions. The final phase of membership retention and fee payment follow-up was the primary activity of the team during the month of December.

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