Tourism services update – July 2012

The visitors services team witnessed the effect of the low season on the network during June. Over the counter enquiries within the Cape Town Tourism network decreased by15% month on month while the entire network including accredited VIC’s shows a 29% decrease month on month.  The total number of visitors for entire CTT network incl accredited VIC’s was 11 517 and 7 683 for the CTT network (excl accredited VIC’s).

The top three contributors to domestic visitors were Western Cape (72%), Gauteng (9%) and Kwazulu Natal & North West (4%). The top contributors to international visitors are UK (19%), Germany (18%) and USA (13%). Total number of visitors for the entire network was 19 200. Telephone enquiries for the CTT network showed a small decrease month on month of 6% however email enquiries for the network decrease with 24%. The telephone and email enquiries for the entire network (incl. accredited VIC’s) showed a decrease of 18% month on month. 

Industry Services team assisted 142 members with business support enquiries -  36 were meetings, the remaining 106 was telephonic and email enquiries. The team dealt with a further 208 members with general enquiries and assistance.

During June 2012, four team product knowledge educationals (SA Breweries, Village & Life, Radium Hall, and Venture Forth) and five team Information Sessions (Aviation Junction, Shamwari Group, Up Close Tours, White Shark Projects) were attended. The educational program started in August 2010 and provides an excellent platform for improving the frontline teams’ product knowledge. 

The educationals/information sessions are held every May to September and we are fully booked up till the end of August. Should you be interested in attnding one of these sessions or to check availability for the remainder of the year and for the 2013 programme, please direct you enquiry to Illse Jacobs, Industry Services Co-ordinato, +27 (0)21 487 6855 or email

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