Top 5 trends in the Dutch market for 2013

Photo by Cape Town Tourism

By Marisah Smith

If the Vakantiebeurs consumer show, together with trade sentiment, is seen as taking the pulse of the Dutch travel market, we rely on the trend-spotters to tell us where their dreams, whims and mood will take them this year.

Travel industry trendwatcher Tessa Stegge, from tourism PR and trend office Cherrypicker, shares her insights into the top five trends for the Dutch market in 2013, underpinned by a need for personal development and enrichment while on holiday.

1. Expertcation
Enter the expertcation and a stage left exit for hedonism. Travellers today are looking for something to learn, whether it is a cooking class, language course or learning local crafts such as traditional beading. Often related to their personal interests or passions, they feel the need to be useful and develop their character on an ”expert vacation”.

2. Social travel
Social travel is the main trend in holidays in 2013. A move away from mass tourism, social travellers make contact with the host population prior to their holiday via websites to get advice on where to stay, to familiarise themselves with the destination and create a very personal holiday.

3. Escape to nature
There is a good reason why “glamping” (glamorous camping) was such a success in 2012. Far from being archaic or extinct, escapism is fuelling a return to nature for the tranquility it offers in troubling times.

4. Multi-generation travel
The whole family embarks on a holiday together, from grandparents to parents and grandchildren, to celebrate a sense of togetherness but at the same time, have the opportunity to enjoy their own activities. They say 70 is the new 50 and grandparents today enjoy good health, are energetic, love travelling and often pay for these family holidays.

5. Staycation
The staycation or “home stay vacation”, while well established in the USA, only made its debut in the Dutch market in 2012. Evolving from a necessary cost-saver during the economic recession, the staycation is now seen to be the hip answer to a need for reflection and nostalgia for that “getting back home after the holiday” feeling after exploring your own city.


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