The Vibe from Abroad: England is distracted

For a change, it’s been quiet on the news front; the usual fare of pending World Cup horrors has taken a back seat – and the less said about the recent BBC One crime drama, Silent Witness, set in Cape Town, the better.

There was one media highlight this week however; the breakfast programme for the ITV network, GMTV, was reporting from Cape Town and Rustenberg. Cape Town looked fabulous, and the weather behaved, apart from one day when it rained and the viewers were asked to imagine what Table Mountain looked like. I had to giggle as GMTV managed to unearth a group of British ex-pats, who seemed only too pleased to be out in the pouring rain, for the cameras. They must have been feeling homesick!

There was nothing controversial on this programme, apart from when the cameras went snooping around inside the England team’s training complex and reported that the accommodation comprised four suites and 40 single rooms … single rooms? Did we hear that right? Could this mean we’ll be robbed of the WAGS’ off-pitch antics in 2010?

For those of you unfamiliar with this term, a little background; Baden-Baden played host to the English football team four years ago and what a World Cup that was! Performance on-pitch was put in the shade. It was all happening off-pitch with the WAGS – wives and girlfriends – who preferred to dribble, tackle and score their way through shopping malls and exclusive boutiques, on the hunt for even more handbags and unfeasibly high heels. 

This can only mean that the England manager hopes his team has nothing but soccer on their minds in 2010.

The nation had been feeling quietly confident about the team’s chances this year, until a national newspaper broke the story last week that John Terry had been “playing away from home”.

You’d be forgiven for thinking there’s a national crisis as collective hysteria grips the nation. Everyone has an opinion on England manager, Fabio Capello’s, decision to strip Terry of his captaincy, and the newswires are abuzz.

I have no idea what this means for the England team’s fortunes, but if it distracts the country, and fills the papers with someone else’s doom and gloom, that can’t be too bad now, can it?

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