Technology on the move – VMMS rollout

We are extremely excited to report that Cape Town Tourism’s Visitor and Membership Management System (VMMS) is to be introduced to our members this month.

During the month of June members will receive an e-mail with their log-in details, along with an overview of the system and its applications. A significant amount of time has been spent updating all our member listings and integrating various sources of information and systems into the VMMS in order to manage our data, systems and member inventory. The new system will enable members to yield rates online, update inventories on a day-to-day basis and “tell” Cape Town Tourism about great new additions to property or itineraries – instantly.

Our staff are currently being trained on the system, and the roll out will progress geographically –starting with the members who call our Burg Street office home – then spreading across the metropole. We look forward to embarking on this exciting chapter of our future-fit journey with you!

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