Services Update – Quarter in Review (April – June 2014)

Marketing Update: April – June 2014

The past quarter has been particularly busy with a number of marketing activities and projects rolling out between April and June. Some of the highlights include: the launch of our mobile visitor information vehicle Thando, exhibiting at both WTM Africa and Indaba, as well as attending the SAT Roadshow in China. Our annual #Love Cape Town City Breaks Winter Campaign was also launched, which is running till the end of August.

We have achieved a media ROI of just over R5 million, focusing on messaging that creates awareness about winter, halaal, family and wellness offerings. We also hosted a total of 27 media influencers like Monocle, Huffington Post and Fodor’s Travel Guides as well as the lifestyle blogger La Carmina - a considerable influence in the Japanese and Chinese market.

Our website has continued with its positive momentum and has received over 300,000 visitors for the quarter which is a 17% increase in total visits on the same quarter last year, and a 20% increase in unique visits. We also embarked on our first Facebook promote a post campaign which has seen our engagement levels on Facebook increase significantly from 8% in April to 19% in June. This is well above the industry average (6%).

Our total Facebook community now sits at almost 330,000 fans and Twitter engagement has also increased with our total twitter followers now close to 50,000.


Media Hosting:
27 media influencers hosted, including targeted hosting of La Carmina, a lifestyle blogger with a strong Chinese/Japanese audience. Other hostings included Monocle, Independent,  Fox, Fodor’s Travel, Huffington Post and YFM amongst others.

Media ROI:

R5,087m (-7.9% on the same quarter in 2013).


62 events were supported this quarter. The total value of support equals R302,657.


WTM Africa, Cape Town (2nd – 3rd May): Exhibited and launched CTT’s mobile VIC. Indaba, Durban (10th – 12th May): Exhibited on Wesgro’s platform with members. SA Tourism Road Show, China (23rd – 27th June): Over 200 direct engagements in Hong Kong, Chengdu, Shenyang and Beijing. Buyer hosting: Hosted 122 international buyers with pre- and post-tours during WTM Africa.


336,479 total visits (+17,46% YoY)
267,377 Unique visitors (+20,78% YoY)
02:38 average dwell time (+ 3.95% YoY)
65.08% bounce rate (improved by 2,4% YoY)
86 blog posts throughout the quarter

E-mail Comms:

18.3 Trade Newsletter opening rate (-20% YoY)
22.29 % Industry Newsletter opening rate (-0.04 YoY)
31% Industry Newsflash opening rate (+1.31% YoY)
24% Visitors Newsletter open rate (-31% YOY)

Social Media:

Facebook 325,451 fans in total, 16,455 new fans over the quarter with 11.12% of the community engaged. CTT had 594 new Twitter followers now standing at 49,125 total followers.

Industry Update: April – June 2014

To improve our support to members, we have re-deployed selected Industry Services administrators and sales team members to respective VIC offices across Cape Town. Please note that the following people are now your regional contacts, ready to help and assist you wherever possible:

During the last quarter, more than 100 members attended the Digital Marketing and Management for Tourism Businesses workshops hosted in partnership with the City of Cape Town and presented by eTourism Frontiers and Microsoft in May. Almost 200 members also attended networking events and Coffee & Connect sessions held over the last quarter. 

Cape Town Tourism welcomed 43 new members over the last quarter, many of whom attended the new member Meet and Greet Sessions held in April and June with the membership database currently standing at 1,279 members.

A total of 18,318 engagements with members were recorded via our different communication channels which include newsflashes, phone calls, visits and emails. Members were assisted with their website entries and updates, business support and brochure distribution. 

A total of 25 member products were visited by the Cape Town Tourism team during the last three months and our team continues to get enjoyment and great insights from these information sessions and educational visits.

Visitor Services Update: April – June 2014

During the last quarter, the VIC network managed to reach a 91% average score for the mystery shopper evaluation.

Bookable enquiries increased with 27% year on year with a conversation ratio of 70% being achieved over the three months.

Visitor numbers for the combined network showed a 7% increase compared to the same quarter in 2013.

Our entire network (including accredited VIC’s) interacted with 64,568 visitors during this quarter which is a 17% decrease on the previous quarter.

The CTT VIC’s contributed  to 26,953 over the counter interactions. Enquiries for the network showed a decrease of 9% compared to the previous quarter and 10% increase compared to same quarter last year.

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