PR update

The PR department has seen a significant increase in trade hosting requests from our key source markets during the month of September. We have been actively engaging with the trade industry as part of our 2020 marketing strategy, and hope to build on the positive image of Cape Town that developed around the time of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

We would like to partner with industry members that could host international trade and media members. Please contact Hannah Deall via email on if you would like to be part of our hosting programme.

Some of the highlights for the month included hosting, together with Coffeebeans Routes, Paul Croughton, assistant travel editor of the UK’s The Sunday Times. We also hosted a group of four Dutch incentive journalists, Denis Wortelboer, Yolande Gastelaars, Ellen van Ree and Bert Dijkstra, in partnership with Sun International Hotels.

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