Monthly Updates - August 2013



Visitor Services:

The number of over the counter interactions during August 2013 show 1% increase from July 2013 and year on year showed decrease of 12% in visitor interactions in the VIC’s.  A total of 20 700 over the counter interactions were recorded of which 7 283 was within the CTT managed VIC’s. (Note: no visitor stats received from Table Mountain Accredited office due to closure in August for maintenance)

The top 3 contributors to domestic visitors are Western Cape (76%, same as the previous month), Gauteng (8%, same as previous month) and Kwa-Zulu Natal (4%, same as previous month). The top contributors to international visitors are Germany (15%, same as the previous month), UK (13%, same as previous month), and USA (11%, same as previous month).  48% of visitors were from the domestic market and 52% from international market.

Telephone and email enquiries for the network showed a 1% increase month on month and 3% decrease year on year. Total number of enquiries received for the network was 12 212, of which 11 672 was telephonic enquiries and 540 emails.


Industry Services:

The Cape Town Tourism membership base comprised 1369 tourism and affiliated businesses at the end of August of which 276 were Employment Equity (EE) products. We welcomed thirteen new members to the organisation; a total of 2214 member engagements took place during the month as well as 27 educationals.



August was spent maintaining momentum and preparing for Tourism Month activities, including the #LoveCapeTown Heart FM citizen competition, #LoveCapeTown deals and special offers from Cape Town Tourism members and the hosting of international bloggers.

Some of the key highlights in August include:

  •  Overall our website traffic has increased by more than +39.11% Y-O-Y (20% target) showing our various social activities and SEO initiatives are gaining momentum.

  •  We achieved R1.25M advertising income on the Cape Town Official Visitors Guide 2014.

  •  Winter campaign packages sold for the month of August 2013 delivered a 4% increase year on year.

  • Two Partnership contracts approved, which is Table Mountain (R200k Gold Partnership) and Cape Point (R75k Strategic Partnership).

  •  WDC2014 JMA signed off for the period July 2013 – June 2014

  • We supported 50 events and hosted 15 media.

  • The opening rate of the Industry Newsletter is the highest rate achieved since the 2010 FIFA World Cup Updates to members with the most popular article of ‘From the CEO’.






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