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Marketing Services Update:

October was significant for the marketing team with some major projects rolling out during the month. The successful hosting of the AGM was an important event in the calendar and was complimented by the launch of the Cape Town Official Visitors Guide 2014.

Some of the key highlights in October include:

  • The Official Visitors Guide 2014 was launched with a special 21 page section on WDC 2014. Click here to view the flipbook version online. 
  • The Cape Town Tourism Annual Report 2013 was published.

              Click here to download the PDF version.

  • Cape Town Tourism hosted a well-attended AGM on the 10th of October and selected three new Board Members.
  • Six Groups of media were hosted throughout the month.
  • We supported 21 events for the month of October.
  • Cape Town Tourism was represented by South African Tourism during their Netherlands Road Show from 28 October – 1 November 2013 where 305 Dutch travel traders attended the workshops.
  • Our social media communities keep growing month on month with an increase in engagement from users.

Insights from the SAT Netherlands Road Show:

  • Dutch travel agents are looking for new products and routes in Cape Town.
  • They are looking for different and surprising activities – highlight the unexpected.
  • Always talk about experiences - make the end user feel that they are in Cape Town.
  • The research highlights the following needs:  Value for money, welcoming locals and fun experiences.


Tourism Services Update:

Visitor Services Update:

The number of over-the-counter interactions during October 2013 shows an increase of 10% compared to last month and an increase of 62% in visitor interactions in the VIC’s year-on-year. 
A total of 22 630 over-the-counter interactions were recorded of which 9 589 were within the CTT managed VIC’s. During the past month, 47% of visitors were from the domestic market and 53% of the international market.

The top three contributors to domestic visitors are:

  • Western Cape (74%, 1% up from the previous month)
  • Gauteng (8%, 2% down from the previous month)
  • KwaZulu-Natal (4%, same as previous month)

The top three contributors to international visitors are:

  • Germany (25%, 6% up from the previous month)
  • UK (15%, 2% up from the previous month)
  • USA (8%, 2% down from the previous month)


Telephone and email enquiries showed a 1% increase month on month and a 10% increase year- on- year. The total number of enquiries received for the network was 11 418, of which 11 048 was telephonic enquiries and 370 emails. 

During this month, 300 bookable enquiries were received by the CTT network; an 86% increase month-on-month and a 22% decrease year- on-year.  The team successfully converted 284 of the enquiries to confirmed bookings, a conversion rate of 95%.

Industry Services Update:

The Cape Town Tourism membership base comprises 1380 tourism and affiliated businesses at the end of October of which 284 are emerging entrepreneurs (EE) and 87 of these HDI’s. A total of 21 new members signed up during October.

In total, 3 686 member engagements took place via our different channels, including newsflashes, phone calls, visits, emails and business support activities. The open rate of newsletters and Newsflashes showed a slight increase month-on-month.

The Board Development Fund was launched and a request for proposals sent out to relevant HDI businesses.



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