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Instantly #inlove with Cape Town

In August 2012, Cape Town Tourism hosted four top international bloggers as Cape Town iAmbassadors. The campaign, called #LoveCapeTown, connected the millions of readers who follow the highly respected bloggers and reached more than a million unique users last year.

#LoveCapeTown appeared in twitter users’ timelines 34 million times and the campaign crossed over into blogs, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest successfully.

This year, we’ll be harnessing the power of domestic and local iAmbassadors as well who’ll be joining three leading international food, design and travel bloggers in the #LoveCapeTown House between 17 September and 5 October.

Be the first to meet our iAmbassadors and be part of the conversation with the #LoveCapeTown hashtag during September.

International bloggers:


1. Rachelle Lucas – The Travel Bite [FOOD]

Rachelle Lucas, from the USA, is known as an avid traveler and culinary enthusiast. She believes that conversation, laughter and bonding over food is the common denominator that brings people together in every region and culture. Rachelle is regarded as a top influencer in travel with a combined personal social media following of over 57,000 people.



2. Abigail King – Inside the Travel Lab [TRAVEL/LIFESTYLE]

Abigail is a writer and photographer from the UK who swapped a career as a doctor for a life on the road. Her blog posts touch on travel tips, wildlife, art, pampering and shopping markets while her social media platforms share travel news and links to her blog.



3. Carol T. Moré – Follow the Colours [DESIGN]

Carol is from Brazil; passionate about the internet, design, food and colours. She likes good references, trends and has a great eye for what is cool, innovative and original. Her blog posts are about design, interiors, art, trends and tattoo design.


South African bloggers:


1. Thando Moleketi - Jozi Foodie Fix [FOOD]

Thando describes herself as a reviewer, strategist and follower of the Jozi Foodie Cool. She will be befriending Rachelle Lucas and they’ll be discovering Cape Town’s culinary treasures together.



2. Angie Batis – Miss Lucky Pony [DESIGN]

Angie, another Jozi girl and a staunch food and design blogger, will be chasing all of the colours that make up the Mother City with Carol Moré.



3. Meruschka Govender -  Mzansi Girl  [TRAVEL/LIFESTYLE]

A self-professed Afrophile; ambassador of Mzansi culture and tourism thinker, Meruschka will be giving Abigail King a local is lekker induction into South African culture.



They will be supported – befriended and beguided – by local influencers including Life is Savage, My City By Night, Mr Cape Town, Relax with Dax, the boys from Don’t Party and travel bloggers Sarah Duff, Food and the Fab and design aficionados  10 and 5, Miss Moss, Guy with Camera and Nicci Saint Bruce.

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