Mayor Plato launches “Winter in Cape Town” exhibition in Singapore

On Thursday, October 8, Cape Town’s executive mayor, Alderman Dan Plato, launched the “Winter in Cape Town” exhibition in Singapore. Plato and a delegation of local councillors and officials are currently travelling across Singapore and China on an information-sharing mission, which includes investigating water policies and trade exchange. Their mission in Singapore is also to promote Cape Town as a premier tourist destination during off-peak winter months.

“At the moment, Cape Town’s tourism industry is navigating a very challenging period, with low occupancy levels and a cautious outlook going into the peak season. The exhibition follows the Cape’s recent winter season, during which the city hosted a successful 2010 FIFA World Cup™ and visitors enjoyed perfect holiday weather. It is important that Cape Town’s beauty is properly showcased to boost hotel occupancy during the winter months,” said the city’s Executive Director for Economic, Social Development and Tourism Mansoor Mohamed.

During his address at the launch, Plato stressed that Cape Town and Singapore have the opportunity to create mutually beneficial business relationships with one another. “There is a great opportunity to learn from one another and there is significant room for expanding our import-export channels, with a focus on quality wine and fresh produce,” he said.

The exhibition was staged in the lead-up to “Spotlight Singapore in Cape Town”, an exchange programme which seeks to create business-to-business relationships between the two cities through the use of creative arts. Organisers define the affair as “business with a cultural handshake” and the four-day programme kicks off on March 16, 2011.

“Spotlight Singapore in Cape Town” venues include the Civic Centre for business networking opportunities and Artscape for performance arts events. Networking sessions, industry tours and breakaway sessions will showcase the collaboration between musicians, publishers and writers from South Africa and Singapore.

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