Marketing Services Update – February 2013

The month of February saw the team very busy with planning for the next fiscal, as a three-year business plan needed to be submitted to the City. In addition, planning was under way for both ITB (March) and Indaba (May). Our online traffic has continued to grow and February 2013 has been the third-best month ever after the 2010 World Cup and January 2013; this is evidenced through great teamwork between the Cape Town Tourism team and Flow in an effort to deliver content excellence.

We have also seen this principle applied to the toolkit, and we are currently testing a new, improved version of the toolkit which we can officially launch in April. We have also worked hard on our partnerships with South African Tourism and Wesgro, especially with regard to media hosting, and we have hosted some great-quality journalists over the last period, with significant ROI. The Cape Town Tourism board have approved an in-house model for the production of our visitor’s guide, and the team are currently rolling that out.

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