A call for nominations to the Cape Town Tourism Board

Cape Town Tourism is structured as a tourism industry association, which means that we are guided by a Strategic Tourism Industry Board as elected by the industry.

The election of three board members for the Cape Town Tourism Board will take place at Cape Town Tourism’s seventh Annual General Meeting on October, 17 2011 as outlined in the Constitution of Cape Town Tourism, adopted at the Special General Meeting of August 14, 2008. Two board members are standing for re-election.

The Cape Town Tourism Board comprises 13 members as follows:

  • 10 members elected at the Annual General Meeting of whom, subject to the availability and compliance with the criteria determined in terms of sub-clause 9.2.2., at least three must be South African citizens defined as “black persons” in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, No. 53 of 2003, and at least two must be female;
  • the Chief Executive Officer of Cape Town Tourism (ex officio);
  • a board member of Cape Town Routes Unlimited (CTRU) nominated by the Board of CTRU (ex officio);
  • the Director: Tourism of the City of Cape Town or his/her nominee (ex officio);
  • the Mayco member: Tourism, Marketing and Events of the City of Cape Town.

Term of office:

The members of the Cape Town Tourism Board serve a three-year term of office commencing at the Annual General Meeting at which they are elected.

Each member of the Board is eligible for re-election, provided that members serve on the Board for no more than two consecutive terms of office.

Members of Cape Town Tourism serving on the Board as at the date of adoption of the new Constitution are entitled to continue to serve, provided that the time already served by them is taken into consideration for purposes of determining the three-year term of office, as set out in sub-clause 9.3.1, and the maximum of two consecutive terms (six years) set out in sub-clause 9.3.2 of the Constitution.

Two members (Sabine Lehmann from the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company and Nils Heckscher from Winchester Mansions Hotel) are standing for re-election to the Board of Cape Town Tourism.

Alternatively, you may submit your nominations by post provided that they reach Cape Town Tourism by the due date of September 9, 2011. Postal submissions can be directed to Cape Town Tourism, for attention Elana Theunissen, PO Box 1403, Cape Town, 8001. 

Further to the notification sent to save the date of October 17, 2011, your invitation to the Annual General Meeting will be sent shortly.

For any further information, please contact Elana Theunissen on (021) 487 6800 or email on nominations@capetown.travel.

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