Video: Cape Town Tourism Responsible Tourism Week 2013 Showcase

Cape Town Tourism members Mike Erasmus (Bike &Saddle), Lauren Kaminkas (Mother City Hikers), Philippa Jephson (Run Cape Town) and Skeezo Vicani (Bike & Saddle) at the Responsible Tourism Week Showcase. Photo courtesy of Cape Town Tourism

Our Burg Street Visitor Information Centre in the city centre has been abuzz with visitors discovering new, sustainable ways of exploring Cape Town through the Responsible Tourism Week Showcase.

Hosted on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 February 2013, the showcase featured a few of our members making great leaps in the world of eco-travel, including Mother City Hikers, Bike & Saddle and Run Cape Town.

As the winner of the 2009 Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Award, Cape Town is proud to be environmentally conscious and honours this achievement through supporting like-minded causes and businesses.

We chatted to our members to hear why responsible tourism is such an important cause to them, and just why they #LoveCapeTown:


Practise responsible tourism when visiting or hosting visitors to our inspirational city. Read more about our walking tours and how you can help to make a difference.

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