Cape Town Tourism lends insights into visitor safety

Photo courtesy CCID

Cape Town Tourism held its quarterly Visitor Safety and Security Forum at the Hilton Hotel in the city centre on Wednesday, June 27, 2012. The aim of the meeting was to facilitate dialogue around public safety issues in a proactive manner. Representatives from major attractions, such as the Table Mountain Cableway, V&A Waterfront and Kirstenbosh National Botanical Garden as well as the Central City Improvement District (CCID) and SAPS, were in attendance.

Cape Town Tourism CEO Mariëtte du Toit-Helmbold stated that the safety of our local and international tourists is a key concern. She also reiterated that the forum was not to replace security services in Cape Town but rather to assist them by working closely with the SAPS and provincial safety unit. She also expressed her gratitude at the outpouring of support from members towards the Band Aid programme where members are given the opportunity to provide complimentary products or services to visitors who have been affected by crime or safety incidents. Cape Town Tourism has successfully carried out 14 Visitor Band Aid programme activities in the past year, consisting of assistance with documentation and help at local consulates after the theft of documents. 

CCID Security Manager Muneeb Hendricks shared some of the measures put in place to ensure a safer, cleaner and more caring Cape Town for residents and tourists, including visible patrols and kiosks in high-populated areas. He stated that CCID response time was less than two minutes.

Tasso Evangelinos, chief operations officer of CCID, stated that in a survey conducted in March 2012 it was found that the perception of Cape Town was one of an open, welcoming and inclusive city. He said the survey revealed that 80 to 90% of people questioned felt safer in the city and were not afraid to venture into the CBD at night. The CCID also announced their new campaign – "Don't Flash it, Stash it" – which will be rolled out in the coming months. 

Safety on Table Mountain has improved with no reported incidents in the past six months according to the Cableway. Futhermore, Table Mountain is in the process of installing 16 high-definition cameras around the mountain, while the V&A Waterfront has specifically trained in-house security (WOZA) added to their outsourced security company to ensure visitor safety.

The SAPS at Cape Town International Airport has reported that crime was low in the past year. Of the 12 000 passengers who travelled through the airport daily, there were only 30 reported cases of baggage theft at the airport per month. Of the 30 cases reported, 30% were cases where a passenger had left the goods on the aircraft. 

Members are asked to familiarise themselves with our visitor safety plan and travel tips to ensure public safety. Information is easily available and Cape Town Tourism is happy to provide information booklets and pamphlets free of charge. For more information, visit our visitor safety page or contact

The next Visitor Safety and Security Forum will take place on October 25, 2012. 

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