2010 accommodation: all you need to know as a Cape Town Tourism member

Now that the Final Draw has determined who will be playing who, and where, in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, fans worldwide are rushing to book accommodation in the cities where their teams will be playing. Cape Town Tourism is committed to offering them a wide choice of reliable accommodation providers in Cape Town, whatever their budget.


MATCH is the accredited accommodation agency for the FIFA 2010 World Cup and, with the support of Cape Town Tourism, has signed up a significant amount of accommodation stock in Cape Town to meet the expected demand for official FIFA accommodation packages.

Signing up for MATCH is voluntary and not all Cape Town Tourism member accommodation providers have chosen to go this route. The 2010 accommodation listings on our website www.capetown.travel/2010 will therefore include all relevant Cape Town Tourism member accommodation providers, both MATCH accredited and non-MATCH accredited. 


In addition to the permanent accommodation options mentioned above, many people who own private accommodation in and around Cape Town will be converting their homes into temporary rental accommodation in an effort to benefit from the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Cape Town Tourism believes that this temporary accommodation will play an essential part in helping the city to meet the accommodation demand during the World Cup in June and July 2010. The challenge will be to ensure that temporary accommodation providers offer a standard of quality, value and service that meets the expectations and requirements of visitors and enhances Cape Town’s reputation.


Cape Town Tourism will endorse temporary accommodation providers through offering them the chance to sign up for our Cape Town Tourism membership and accommodation assessment programme.

The aim is to encourage temporary stock to sign up for the membership year at the current rates, based on their size, type etc.

The Tourism Services team will ensure that the Cape Town Routes Unlimited assessors assigned to our assessment programme are able to meet the demand for temporary accommodation assessments by working towards a pre-arranged assessment calendar, with a range of possible dates for new members to choose from.

The assessment criteria that are currently used will be tailored to suit the temporary accommodation market, but will meet all the statutory minimum requirements for accommodation providers, such as public liability insurance.

Cape Town Tourism is of the opinion that temporary accommodation providers should be informed of the importance of managing the reputation of our destination through the quality of services they provide during this all-important event. Most temporary accommodation providers are first-timers in this field and require assistance in the areas of brochure compilation, marketing and visitor requirements.


By being part of Cape Town Tourism’s member accommodation network, temporary accommodation providers will enjoy official endorsement and will benefit from Cape Town Tourism’s visitor services expertise and advice, business support and marketing support. Our dedicated 2010 website offers an excellent marketing and booking platform for temporary accommodation providers, while application of our membership logo gives the assurance to potential guests that they are dealing with an accredited accommodation provider and that they have access to Cape Town’s official tourism agency, Cape Town Tourism, for complaints, concerns or feedback.

For more information, please contact Ilse at ilse@capetown.travel or Tel: 021 487 6800.

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