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Tourism insights: inclusive pricing

On a recent trip to Cape Town to spend a week exploring the Unexpected Cape Town, as a guest of Cape Town Tourism (CTT), Mary Tebje spent time with a number of suppliers, experiencing their products and services before delivering a presentation to CTT members on how value and exceptional service are key for business growth.

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How do major events influence tourism?

How can the impact of major events such as the Olympic Games of World Cup be measured against the success or failure for a tourism destination? Well, that can depend on whether you see the glass half-empty or half-full.

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The vibe from abroad: Where will the Brits be travelling in 2011?

What a year for travel 2010 has been; it began with the unprecedented closure of European airspace when that Icelandic volcano erupted, strikes by airline staff, the collapse of tour operators and subsequent vulnerability of independent and uninsured travellers, and came to a pitiful year-end when some major European airports were exposed for the weak link they are in the international travel chain when the weather gets bad.

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The vibe from abroad: Another world travel market, another challenging destination

WTM is over for another year and the exhibitors scatter to the winds, back to their offices, exhausted after four days of intense smiling, late nights, too much coffee and unhealthy dining.

When WTM moved from Earls Court to ExCeL in 2002, the uproar was deafening and included such memorable reasons why it was all so bad; “I will have to travel east when I arrive at Victoria station” and another horror “where on earth is ExCeL?”. So it was with a mixture of amusement and sadness that I find these sentiments still very much in evidence in 2010. Smug exhibitors staying in west London were clearly feeling self-satisfied compared to those unfortunate souls having to make do with the local accommodation options.

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Yente Business Network Forum a big success

More than 100 businesswomen from Cape Town and surrounds came to Strand Tower Hotel on November 4 for the Business Network Forum organised by the Yente Foundation. A Yente trade mission was in South Africa for the event, which followed on similar forums in Polokwane and Johannesburg, with a delegation of 15 female entrepreneurs from Peru, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Netherlands.

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The Vibe from Abroad – Britain’s reduced bang for its buck

Global competitors must be heaving a huge sigh of relief as news broke that national tourism body VisitBritain was dealt a 34% cut in funding. How are we, those in the UK, that is, and on the reduced dime, to successfully promote a visit here during the 2012 Olympic Games? How are we to bring economic benefit to all the businesses currently investing in the idea that there will be enough visitors to go round? The UK has slipped down the Top 10 rankings produced by the World Tourism Organisation, so understandably the industry is nervous following yesterday’s Comprehensive Spending Review announced by the government.

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Optimising Cape Town’s destination awareness – The Vibe from Abroad

Now that normal services have resumed in Cape Town in the wake of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, what marketing tactics and resources are needed here in the UK to take advantage of the huge destination awareness that the Mother City is enjoying?

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The Vibe from Abroad – UK media round-up

Despite the UK media being on tenterhooks awaiting the outcome of the negotiations between the political parties following the general election on May 6, this week is important as it heralds the start of the official FIFA World Cup coverage on the BBC and the preliminary England squad has been named. South Africa is very much in the news and judging from the marked increase in the volume of media feeds to my office, this really is the start of the media feeding frenzy.

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The Vibe from Abroad – The Bunting is Out

While in the newsagent’s recently, I was almost knocked over by the mountain of crisp boxes stacked high at the till. What caught my eye were the “South African sweet chutney” and “Dutch edam cheese” flavours huddling close to the “German bratwurst sausage”. But fighting for space was the “Spanish chicken paella” flavoured crisps. Hang on a minute, where is the “English roast beef and Yorkshire pudding”? I rushed home and logged onto and sure enough, there they all are – all 15 flavours of new World Cup crisps!

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The Vibe from Abroad – The most expensive short break ever

Following the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano in Iceland, 63 000 flights have been cancelled since Thursday, April 15, when the travel chaos across Europe began.

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