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Cape Town Tourism appoints new executive marketing manager

Cape Town Tourism has appointed Velma Corcoran as Executive Marketing Manager, effective September 1, 2011.

Corcoran’s focus will be on the implementation of Cape Town Tourism’s marketing activities, as directed by Cape Town Tourism’s board and CEO.


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Cape Town Tourism leading the way in the online arena

In 2009 Cape Town Tourism effectively moved into the .travel online space ( and began expanding onto social media and networking platforms. Nearly two years later, Cape Town Tourism’s strong online presence and leadership in the e-marketing discipline has been confirmed with a listing as the world’s 13th Most Influential Tourist Board and DMO (destination marketing organisation) online by Influencers in Travel.

Cape Town Tourism is the only tourism board in Africa featured on the ranking, which was developed using Klout’s API, the standard for online and internet influence. Klout Score represents how successful a user is at engaging their audience and the impact their online communication has on people. Cape Town Tourism’s Klout’s score is just under 62, topping DMOs and campaigns such as “Only in San Francisco” and “My Vancouver”.

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A strategic plan for Cape Town

Cape Town’s visitor industry, like many cities and destinations the world over, faces significant challenges in dealing with subdued demand and declining interest. Cape Town Tourism has seen more than 118 businesses close in the past 24 months. Furthermore, across the sector, the lack of growth experienced since 2007 equates to a lost opportunity for some 18 000 potential new jobs. In this context, there have been many and varied opinions as to why there is depressed demand and what Cape Town must do about it.

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Beating the brand vacuum

Cape Town is considered one of the new cities to watch out for in 2020. But, with the World Cup having come and gone, we find ourselves in a brand vacuum. It is a dangerous place to be in light of tough competition, a world still battling through a recession and ever-changing consumer trends.


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Talking Tourism: Our harbour can bring tourism

Cape Town’s harbour, port facilities and cruise tourism have been in the news of late as discussion has begun around the use of South Africa’s harbours to attract new tourism markets through cruise liner and sporting events.

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A strong tourism brand for Cape Town is vital for economic sustainability

11 June 2011 will mark one year since the kick-off of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. As World Cup hosts, we were a country whole-heartedly and publicly committed to tourism during 2010, but today, the global financial crisis and the subsequent consumer behavioural change has had a significant adverse effect on the tourism industry across the world. Demand has diminished, visitor spends have steadied and costs have increased. The tail end of the financial crisis has hit South Africa and the tourism industry hard, perhaps initially diverted in the run-up to and during the World Cup.

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Tourism in Cape Town a year after the 2010 FIFA™ World Cup

We were a country whole-heartedly and publicly committed to tourism during 2010, and the first six months of 2011 have called us to heed, more than ever, to a pressing need to highlight tourism as an essential component of our economic survival.

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Cape Town at the tipping point

The notion of a buoyant tourism industry, evidenced by substantial growth in the global visits over the last 20 years, actually masks the fact that this expansion is not uniform. It has resulted from the ever-increasing access, at lower cost, to a greater number of destinations, effectively reducing market share for many, while visitor spend in real terms, stagnates and length of stay reduces.

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The Consumer Protection Act and the hospitality industry

A recent tourism seminar held jointly by Cape Town Tourism and FEDHASA, highlighted some of the laws contained in the Consumer Protection Act that would have direct bearing on the hospitality industry.

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Talking Tourism: Managing the tourism experience with online marketing

In an online article by earlier this month entitled “Manage the Tourism Experience”, the issue of the relationship between tourism and online marketing once again came to the fore.

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