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Tourism must go green says UN World Tourism Organisation

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) hopes to contribute to creating a greener and more sustainable global economy, and discussed the how to do this at the T20 Ministers’ Meeting in Johannesburg this week.

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The Vibe from Abroad: The UK is not too popular right now

I am not talking about in South Africa, but in Canada, where the 2010 Winter Olympics is taking place.

I don’t even think it’s a case of sour grapes. Britain’s medal hopes for the winter games are never going to be that high; we have the wrong kind of snow to train in.

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The Vibe from Abroad: England is distracted

For a change, it’s been quiet on the news front; the usual fare of pending World Cup horrors has taken a back seat – and the less said about the recent BBC One crime drama, Silent Witness, set in Cape Town, the better.

There was one media highlight this week however; the breakfast programme for the ITV network, GMTV, was reporting from Cape Town and Rustenberg.  Cape Town looked fabulous, and the weather behaved, apart from one day when it rained and the viewers were asked to imagine what Table Mountain looked like. I had to giggle as GMTV managed to unearth a group of British ex-pats, who seemed only too pleased to be out in the pouring rain, for the cameras. They must have been feeling homesick!

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2010 won’t disrupt normal schedules - Grant Thornton

Recent email warnings from travel agents advising South Africans to “stay home” during the 2010 World Cup, from June 11, 2010 to July 11, 2010 because of overbooked hotels, unavailable car hire and impossible airports, are overstated.

Gillian Saunders, director of Strategic Solutions at global audit, tax and specialist advisory services firm Grant Thornton South Africa, says: “The email communication is causing unnecessary panic. Visitors won’t all be in South Africa in the same town all at once and, although there will be certain crunch peak periods, overall it shouldn’t affect South Africans’ daily schedules too dramatically.”

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The Vibe from Abroad: Trains, planes and automobiles

A Happy New Year from the frozen north, as we enter a third week of sub-zero temperatures in what is being proudly hailed as the coldest winter in 30 years. On a personal level, I really don’t mind as this is “proper” winter weather, not the grey damp that this season usually brings.

On a professional level, travel, and just how awful it can be when things don’t go according to plan, has been on my mind. This festive season Santa could have brought you an extended holiday on far-off shores as a result of your travel company going into administration; an overnight stay on the M20 motorway, or having to buy a duplicate set of plane tickets.

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The Vibe from Abroad: Greed comes back to bite you

A weekend of wonderful destination press coverage for South Africa and Cape Town followed the World Cup Final Draw. There were full-colour pictures of Cape Town and Table Mountain and I thought the coverage very balanced and fair, including those issues we would all rather not have to deal with: crime, availability, cost and negative perceptions.

Which brings me to my latest update from these frozen shores. “Accommodation establishments cash in on the Cup” is a headline from a UK national newspaper published this weekend just past.

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Fire at Mangwanani, Zevenwacht

On December 10, 2009, the Mangwanani Spa at Zewenwacht Wine Estate burnt down.

At approximately 16h00, staff noticed smoke coming from an upstairs storeroom. They immediately alerted the spa manager and all staff and clients were evacuated. The overhead sprinklers were activated and all the gas bottles removed from the spa.

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Cape Town Tourism offers membership to providers of temporary accommodation during the World Cup

The FIFA Final Draw has determined the fixtures for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and fans from across the world are rushing to book accommodation in the cities where their teams will be playing in June and July 2010.
With many Cape Town residents wanting to convert their homes into temporary rental accommodation during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, two significant problem areas exist. On the one hand, visitors booking temporary accommodation have little assurance that the accommodation they pay for will live up to their expectations and deliver on the promises made. On the other hand, individuals wanting to rent out their homes may have difficulty marketing their accommodation offerings to potential 2010 FIFA World Cup visitors.

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2010 accommodation: all you need to know as a Cape Town Tourism member

Now that the Final Draw has determined who will be playing who, and where, in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, fans worldwide are rushing to book accommodation in the cities where their teams will be playing. Cape Town Tourism is committed to offering them a wide choice of reliable accommodation providers in Cape Town, whatever their budget.

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Arrivals from Asia way up in September

According to Southern African Tourism Update Online, arrival statistics for September 2009 show a marked year-on-year increase in arrivals from India, China and other Asian markets. The statistics released by Statistics South Africa show a 31,1% increase in arrivals from India and 25,4% growth in arrivals from China.

European markets are not far behind. Arrivals from Italy and Belgium increased by 21,8% and 11,4% respectively.

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