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This Autumn, the Lovell Gallery in Woodstock brings you a series of exhibitions to pique your interest.

Don’t miss the following:

1 March – 14 April: 'Arno Plus+'
Arno Carstens brings his love for painting to the fore for the first time in his first solo exhibition. Visitors to the gallery can enjoy Carstens’ visual and vocal talent in a unique "art plus music; Arno plus friends" experience. On canvas, Arno has collaborated with friends Beezy Bailie, Jack Mantis, Barend de Wet and Marinda Swartz, and in live unplugged performances every friday evening Arno jams with Jon Savage, The Plastics, Mr Cat and The Jackal, Karen Zoid, Taxi Violence, Jack Mantis, Xander Ferreira (Gazelle), Zolani (Freshly Ground), Shadowclub, and Ashtray Electric .

24 April – 19 May: Tanisha Bhana, ‘Transience’.
Destruction naturally breeds creation and, in creating, we often destroy. Her work employs a fascination in deliberately destroying digital images in order to create aged, dreamlike visions of futuristic landscapes, to place the viewer in the position of looking back at our future. The reception evening will be on 26 April and all are welcome.

22 May – 16 June: Neill Wright.
In 2007, Neill graduated with distinction to a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art (Honours), at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town, with a major in new media. His production then, looked particularly at the social products of contemporary society from a global as well as South African perspective. This exploration was taken further and similar themes were covered as part of his overall body of work required for obtaining the degree, Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, which he graduated with in 2009, majoring in printmaking. Opening reception is 24 May and all are welcome.

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