Visitor and Member Management System

The VMMS will draw information from our accounting system Syspro, our Point-of-Sale programme and the Membership Portal and translate it into one language, creating a dialogue with our website

In line with Cape Town Tourism’s Future Fit strategy, and a move away from decentralised administration, we have implemented a CRM and Data Management system called the Visitor and Member Management System (VMMS).

The main customer groups in mind during the design of the VMMS were our visitors and our local residents. Cape Town Tourism’s Visitor Strategy is recognised by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) as a global best practice.

Main benefits of the VMMS to our customer groups

Industry members: The system will empower our members to manage their own product information through a member portal. We have updated the data fields to display more information about each establishment, conveying its unique selling points, and allowing the upload of up to five images for each product.  This information will pull through onto, creating a web entry and a powerful online presence.

Members will be able to log into VMMS and monitor communications from Cape Town Tourism (CTT) and review their billing information in the system.

Team members: The VMMS will enable our Industry Services team to have a holistic view of our members’ information, including product and billing information and inventory, allowing them to resolve member enquiries speedily and efficiently.

Our Information and Reservation Consultants will have access to more detailed and updated information about our members’ products to share with visitors and will in some instances be able to check availability online for real-time booking.

Visitors: The internet is widely regarded as the predominant channel for consumers to search for and buy travel products with 95% of the connected generation reported to search for information online and 65% being influenced in their travel decisions by the online community. The VMMS will feed into our website, providing visitors to the website and would be visitors to our city with rich information about our destination, a greater selection of products to suit their needs using the search, sort and filter functionality and in some instances the opportunity to check availability and book instantly - all in one place or while dealing with a consultant.

Frequently asked questions about the VMMS:

1. How can I optimise my company’s presence on VMMS?

A phased launch of the VMMS is taking place and the various sectors of the tourism industry will receive e-mailed requests containing login details and a link to the Member Portal to update their product information in the VMMS.

Be sure to update your product information after a refurbishment, when new rooms have been added or you are extending your services. Use the image upload function to showcase your product or service; it is worth investing in a few high quality images of your business.  If you are an accommodation provider who is also a NightsBridge customer, please keep your inventory and rates updated and be sure to yield in line with your occupancy levels.

Have you met with the CTT team to tell them more about your product? Invited them for an educational or a go-see to arm them with first-hand knowledge when promoting your product? Feel free to discuss a member educational with our Services Administrator, Gretchen Neer, on +27 (0)21 487 6800 or via e-mail at

2. How regularly will I have to update my product information on the system?

Information should be updated as soon as it changes to avoid it being displayed incorrectly on and to our team. Please ensure that all contact details are up to date to enable the CTT team to communicate with you.

The information entered will be moderated within a 48-hour turnaround time. During the launch phase of VMMS modifications will not affect your business listing on but can be viewed by clicking through to our test site after the moderation period.

3. I am having difficulty uploading information – who can I speak to for support?

Please do not hesitate to contact our e-Business team for assistance on +27 (0)21 487 6800 or via e-mail on


Useful documents

VMMS user manual

Code of Conduct for Cape Town Tourism members

Membership portal training

CTT Member portal training manual


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