Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

Q: Describe your business.

A: The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Cape Town. We transport between 750 000 and 800 000 visitors a year to the top of Table Mountain.

Q: Why did your business become a member of Cape Town Tourism?

A: It’s important, as one of the biggest attractions, to be part of an industry organisation that aims to promote Cape Town and all it has to offer.

Q: In what ways has being a member of Cape Town Tourism helped your business?

A: Cape Town Tourism has assisted us with marketing opportunities and the information we get on tourism trends is a huge help in planning for the year ahead. We have also benefited from the networking opportunities it offers and have forged mutually beneficial relationships. We have taken advantage of the opportunities to market whatever the Cableway has to offer.

Q: For what reasons would you recommend Cape Town Tourism membership to others?

A: Cape Town Tourism membership provides lots of marketing and networking opportunitie, as well as access to tourism trends information, which can be applied to your own business. It’s also important to be aware of the current state of the industry.