Membership is available to all sectors of tourism and related service industries, as well as business at large. Our membership programme works on the basis of partnership and is aimed at all businesses, large and small.

All businesses are required to complete an application form that includes information such as contact details, business registration number, VAT number (if applicable) and promotional information about the business.

Members are required to agree to the Cape Town Tourism code of conduct as well as terms and conditions for brochure display and referrals and bookings.

Accommodation establishments that are not graded by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa and tour operators that have not passed the South African Tourism Services Association minimum criteria will need to be assessed and comply with the Cape Town Tourism minimum requirements criteria.

Businesses are required to pay the annual membership fees according to the relevant category and rates in advance. The membership period runs from September 1 to August 31 each year. The programme focuses on businesses in Cape Town. However, if you are located outside Cape Town, you may join Cape Town Tourism as an affiliate member to access the many benefits of membership and promotion through Cape Town Tourism’s channels.

To find out more about what Cape Town Tourism members receive for their investment, please read our list of member benefits.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Cape Town Tourism.

Membership Fees

All businesses are required to pay the annual membership fees according to the relevant category and rates. Fees are increased annually.

Businesses in their first three years of operation can apply for a discounted “newcomer entrepreneur” fee –  this is approved by the Cape Town Tourism sales and business support team.

Hotel groups are eligible for a group rate that includes membership for all accommodation, restaurants, conference and other facilities within a group.  The fees are calculated according to product type and number.

Other tourism services groups are eligible for group rates and discounts. They should apply to for more information.

Businesses that offer multiple services to visitors – accommodation and a conference venue, for example – will be charged the full fee for the primary service and 80% of the fee applicable for all other services.

If the various services are separate or on different premises and income is not shared, full rates will be charged on all the relevant categories. This means that if a restaurant is located on separate premises from the accommodation, both will be liable for full membership fees.

When a restaurant and an accommodation establishment are located on the same site, but use different brands for their products, they will be charged the full rate for each brand.

Our rates are divided into categories based on the business type and size. The membership period runs from September 1 to August 31 each year – a reduced fee is charged for the latter part of the membership year. Membership benefits may only be redeemed after full payment is received or a debit order has been implemented. If a debit order payment is not selected, membership fees should be paid annually in advance using cash, cheque, credit card, direct deposit or electronic transfer.


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