Connecting communities


To pull off a successful World Cup in 2010, Capetonians played a central role as destination ambassadors. Photo © Cape Town Tourism 

Cape Town Tourism was the leading organisation to convert countless Capetonians into ambassadors for their city by being proudly South African and, in particular, proudly Capetonian.

Citizen pride: countdown to 2010

The 2010 Countdown Campaign was aimed at activating Cape Town’s citizens – including, and especially, Cape Town Tourism’s own team members - to be confident of their city’s ability to pull off a successful World Cup and to embrace their role as destination ambassadors.

Cape Town Tourism’s citizen campaign message, Cape Town. Live it! Love it! LOUDER!, brought the Host City’s “Ready to welcome the world” slogan to life and outlined the central role Capetonians would play as destination ambassadors.

Citizen activation

Our Citizen Activation Programme, launched on 11 June 2009 (one year from kick off), highlighted the important role Capetonians could play as destination ambassadors and encouraged them to be loud, proud, colourful and welcoming hosts for 2010. This was rolled out to communities, schools and businesses.

  • A “walking billboard” strategy was adopted, whereby 2 000 branded T-shirts, 1 500 backpacks, 15 000 badges and 25 000 stickers carrying the ‘Cape Town. Live it! Love it! LOUDER!’ (LLL) campaign message were distributed for free to citizens, industry and the media. These branded goods were later incorporated into Cape Town Tourism’s retail range to be sold to citizens and visitors, making the campaign self-sustaining and proving that the LLL brand had become truly aspirational for visitors and citizens alike.
  • The LLL T-shirts formed part of the official Cape Town Tourism staff uniform, encouraging team members to live the campaign brand.
  • The full SABC television crew wore LLL T-shirts during the filming of the Final Draw events in Cape Town in December 2009, resulting in excellent exposure of the campaign both locally and abroad.
  • The LLL message reached over 750 000 Capetonians, both citizens and industry, in the year leading up to kick off.
  • Cape Town Tourism also branded and trained 400 Big Issue street vendors as Cape Town ambassadors, and extended the “walking billboard” strategy by including a free Cape Town rainbow badge with every issue of the magazine.
  • To celebrate “100 Days to Kick off”, a mass Diski Dance was performed by 450 schoolchildren wearing LLL T-shirts outside the Cape Town Stadium, attended by Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato, VIPs and the media.
  • Cape Town Tourism played a leading role in supporting the three Stadium test events through sponsorship, providing an information helpline via our Contact Centre and through a Guest Relations programme for the teams. We also provided comprehensive feedback to the stadium management after each event, highlighting logistical problem areas and suggesting solutions.

Service excellence training

Cape Town Tourism provided service excellence training to ensure smooth running of the World Cup in 2010. Photo © Cape Town Tourism

Cape Town Tourism’s Training Department ensured that the “Welcome” campaign was reinforced throughout the city by providing Tourism Service Excellence Training for industry, stakeholders and related tourism officials, eg, Metro Police, ACSA front office staff and LOC volunteers.

Industry support

  • Billboard companies like Independent Outdoor Media (IOM) expressed their support of Cape Town Tourism’s positive and timely readiness campaign by donating free outdoor billboard space in addition to paid-for space. As a result, for an initial investment of R464 000 in outdoor media (billboards) around Cape Town, Cape Town Tourism achieved an additional R888 600 in donated media.
  • CitySightseeing, Cape Town’s open-topped red bus company, customised their buses with outlines of people kicking soccer balls and the message “Ready to welcome the world’. The idea was for citizens to photograph themselves in the outline and send these pictures to friends via social-media networks. Cape Town Tourism paid R15 000 towards the design element of the project, but City Sightseeing paid for all production and installation on 13 of their buses, worth R130 000.
  • With many fans flying in to Cape Town for the World Cup, the airport was identified as a key touchpoint to make a compelling first impression of the destination. To this end, Cape Town Tourism secured a 175m-long “Welcome” billboard at international arrivals (it will remain in place until July 2011), using iconic Cape Town imagery and Cape Town Tourism’s distinctive rainbow palette to create an immediate sense of place and to express Cape Town’s vibrancy and cultural diversity.