Cape Town at large

In essence, this programme is about giving people a 360-degree view of the Mother City, unlocking the rare and often unexplored corners of Cape Town and spreading the benefits of tourism as widely as possible across the city region and beyond.

Cape Town Tourism has realigned its local area marketing with the City of Cape Town’s local area development framework, which speaks to eight very unique pockets within Cape Town. These pockets are:

  • City Centre
  • Cape Flats
  • Blaauwberg Coast
  • Northern Suburbs
  • Helderberg
  • Southern Suburbs
  • Atlantic Seaboard
  • South Peninsula

Legibility, or the ability to navigate and explore all corners of a city, is an important aspect in unlocking a destination’s full tourism potential. Cape Town Tourism will work with the industry and the communities of Cape Town to capture the unique appeal and diversity of these pockets in a series of new maps and mini-guides on the web, inviting visitors and local people to explore beyond the well-known and obvious and discover the real Cape Town.

Mapping the city

Cape Town Tourism implemented a mapping project to uplift the city’s eight local areas and create a series of maps to guide visitors through each area.

Detailed maps for Blaauwberg, the northern suburbs, Helderberg, the Cape Flats, the south Peninsula, the southern suburbs, the Atlantic seaboard and the city centre were launched in May 2010.

“Creating a distinctive presence for each local area under the vibrant Cape Town brand was a wonderful challenge,” says Philip Todres of A & C Maps. “We think we delivered a creative solution.  The maps allow each area to find their distinctive voice and the series helps visitors find their way into all the nooks and crannies of Cape Town.”

View all maps online.

These eight maps, give a fresh take on Cape Town’s stunning attractions.

What other cities are doing

Creating a city in which it is easy for visitors to navigate themselves to all areas and experiences is a challenge faced by many destinations.

Tourism Victoria, responsible for the tourism promotion and development for Melbourne and Victoria in Australia, and Visit London, the official tourism and marketing organisation for London, have both developed successful programmes to assist visitors navigating their cities.

One of Melbourne”s tools is a programme called the Red Thread. This is a creative online forum at that aims to unearth and communicate Melbourne”s diverse experiences and locations. The campaign encourages locals and visitors to let the world know about their Melbourne experiences by leaving a “thread” or blog post using text, images or video. The categories for posts include wine and dine, theatre, staying out late, what to do with children, art and design. These can be posted for all locations across the city and into the state of Victoria. Visit the Red Thread section of the Tourism Victoria website for more information.

One of Visit London’s programmes is a sophisticated online mapping tool called the London Explorer. This allows visitors to find London accommodation, attractions, clubs, restaurants, entertainment, bars and shops in and around any chosen area. Visitors can also browse by area using the London Villages map. Each village has useful information written by a team of travel experts. View the online London Explorer tool.