About us

Tourists enjoy the sunset from the top of Table Mountain. Photo courtesy warrenski

Cape Town Tourism is the City of Cape Town’s official regional tourism organisation, and is responsible for Cape Town's destination marketing, visitor and industry services.

Cape Town Tourism is guided by the clear vision of positioning Cape Town as one of the world’s top 10 tourism destinations in terms of economic yield, and developing tourism’s role in:

  • Establishing Cape Town as one of the world’s greatest cities to visit, live, work and invest in;
  • Driving economic and social transformation;
  • Promoting and helping to achieve the wider city vision of being celebrated globally for “creative freedom”.

Our vision

Cape Town Tourism is in business to make a real difference to the future prosperity of the City, by playing a leading role in delivering the following vision by 2020:

  • Cape Town will be celebrated as one of the top 10 tourism destinations in the world, in terms of tourism’s economic impact per head of population.
  • The skilled, responsible and entrepreneurial development of tourism will be a driving factor in establishing Cape Town as one of the world’s greatest cities to visit, live, work and invest and as a city leader for Africa.
  • The industry will be a real driver in the economic and social transformation of Cape Town and its role fully recognised as such by public and private sectors alike.
  • Through the deployment of exceptional design and architectural talent, the tourism industry and the public sector together will play a key role in delivering the visible expression of the wider city vision of being celebrated globally for "creative freedom".

Our mission

To activate the industry, visitors, residents and partners as ambassadors for Cape Town – Living Cape Town, loving Cape Town – in order to deliver the City’s vision for tourism.

Our essence

You don't need a holiday, you need Cape Town.

Our values

  • As a team, we accept collective responsibility to promote Cape Town as a City that will meet and exceed every visitor’s needs and expectations.
  • As an organisation, we are committed to service excellence and are proud to represent tourism and member services that subscribe to this vision.
  • As Capetonians, we live and love our beautiful City passionately.

Our strategic objectives

  • To optimise tourism volumes and yield for the City economy.
  • To establish good levels of tourism business all-year-round.
  • To optimise the distribution of tourism benefits within the City region.
  • To help tourism businesses to become highly competitive, by applying innovation and expertise.
  • To promote and support transformation of the industry.
  • To apply creativity and expertise to making Cape Town a great place to live and to visit and to creating awareness of this nationally and internationally.
  • To maximise synergies (particularly arising from business tourism) with other sectors of economic development.
  • To ensure sustainability and responsibility in every aspect of tourism development.
  • To encourage action by Cape Town Tourism’s partner organisations within the City to ensure a safe, attractive and welcoming environment.

The Cape Town city centre, with Table Mountain behind it. Photo courtesy Aquila