About Cape Town Tourism


Members of the Cape Town Tourism team on the steps of the main Visitor Information Centre, in Burg Street, Cape Town. Photo © Cape Town Tourism

Cape Town Tourism is the City of Cape Town's official regional tourism organisation, responsible for destination marketing, visitor and industry services. 

Successful tourism doesn’t just boost economies – it builds pride too. Cape Town Tourism believes in close encounters, people as the focus point of tourism, responsible living and immersion in the destinations and cultures we visit – this is what gives tourism in Cape Town its unique energy and appeal.

We believe that tourism is built around involvement, participation, relationship and partnership, and that it is about actively taking hands with local communities, listening to their needs and working side by side to ensure that the environment and indigenous cultures are preserved, while allowing responsible travellers to experience the holiday of a lifetime.

Cape Town Tourism prides itself in a culture of service excellence and we are committed to responsible and fair tourism and business practices. We therefore work with and encourage the involvement of previously disadvantaged individuals, organisations and companies in tourism in a number of ways. We also support the principles of Responsible Tourism and Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa, we are Proudly South African, we are passionate about Cape Town and we encourage our members to adopt these principles in the operations of their businesses as well.

Meeting with members and keeping them abreast of trends in tourism is a key part of Cape Town Tourism's work. Photo © Cape Town Tourism


The vision for tourism in the City of Cape Town provides the focus and framework for seven strategic objectives for our work:

  • To enhance the national and international image and awareness of Cape Town as an outstanding place to live, visit, work, study and invest;
  • To optimise tourism volumes and yield for the city economy in a totally sustainable and responsible manner;
  • To establish good levels of tourism business all-year-round;
  • To optimise the distribution of tourism benefits within the city region and beyond;
  • To engage actively with the City’s tourism businesses to help them become highly competitive, embrace transformation and adopt responsible practices;
  • To engage Capetonians as proud ambassadors for their city;
  • To encourage action by Cape Town Tourisms’s partner organisations in the City to develop Cape Town responsibly and ensure a safe, attractive and welcoming environment.

Cape Town Tourism is a source of relevant business information, a vehicle to provide representation to all tourism businesses, large or small, allowing access to promotion and tourism programmes, and importantly, a platform to put visitors in touch with the remarkable experiences offered by members of Cape Town Tourism.

This dynamic partnership allows us to deliver and exceed upon the expectations of visitors, whether local, national or international, whilst showing a real return on investment to stakeholders.

Cape Town Tourism deals with approximately 3-million enquiries per year through its network of well positioned Visitor Information Centres (VICs). The organisation has close to 2 500 members, making it one of the largest and most representative voluntary tourism industry membership associations in the world. Members receive value for their membership fees through innovative visitor and tourism services, business development, local product marketing and local and international destination marketing.

Cape Town Tourism and the City of Cape Town have jointly set the bold target of doubling the economic impact of tourism on the city by 2020, and to do so in a sustainable way that will ensure widespread economic benefit. In the light of the constraints on the global tourism economy, we will have to adopt a new way of doing business.

We're here to help, so please phone us on +27 (0)86 132 2223 or send an email to info@capetown.travel if there is anything we can do for you.