Cape Town Walking Tour App


Cape Town Tourism has partnered with local startup, VoiceMap, on a series of immersive audio walking tours that bring together the latest technology, good old-fashioned storytelling and insight from the city’s most knowledgeable locals. To access the walks, all you need is VoiceMap’s free app for iPhones or Android devices and some headphones.

There are over twenty VoiceMap walking tours in Cape Town so far, and new routes are published all the time. You can explore Muizenberg like a local, visit Kirstenbosch with a botanist in your pocket, meander through Mouille Point accompanied by South Africa’s top travel writer, or hear how the struggle against Apartheid played out on Cape Town’s streets. There are walking tours across the peninsula too, from Cape Town’s city centre to Khayelitsha to Cape Point. A number of the walks are free, including those produced by Cape Town Tourism. Others routes are sold for between R11.99 and R64.99, with most priced at R24.99.

VoiceMap allows you to download the audio along with an offline map using WiFi before you leave your hotel or at one of the many free hotspots in Cape Town. Then when you actually go on the walking tour, you won’t pay for data. You can also get directions to the route’s starting point using the familiar interface of Apple or Google Maps. But VoiceMap’s most useful feature is location-aware audio. It’s accurate to between 5 and 15 metres, making it as easy to follow directions as it is to spot a mural or monument off to the left.

Location-aware audio allows you to just put your phone in your pocket and focus on your surroundings, instead of the screen. If you stop for photos or a coffee en route, the audio stops too, and it’ll start again automatically when you rejoin the walking tour. It’s the perfect way to explore at your own pace!



Cape Town Tourism will soon be launching the Official Cape Town guide with insider tips on attractions, restaurants & more! Watch this space!