November update from the CEO

On October 22, 2010, Cape Town Tourism gathered a think tank of some of Cape Town’s brightest minds to discuss which stories we should lead with when selling the city.

We looked at key global trends and brainstormed how we could make Cape Town a place that people wanted to live, work, play, study, visit and invest in. We also discussed how to get our message across in a crowded market place.

Cape Town is a “challenger” brand. We are not comparable with traditional city brands like London and Paris, but are rather one of the emerging players, up there with Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona. We are among the cities that present possibility, transformation and a vision for the future rooted in an interesting and imperfect past. Read more about how a future-fit Cape Town must decide on its unique selling point now.

We made great inroads during our brainstorming session and I would like to thank all participants again for their time and invaluable contribution. We look forward to working with the tourism industry to refine a brand position that captures the spirit of our city.

During the past month we also expanded on our understandings with international public relations partners. Representatives in the UK, USA, Netherlands and Germany, our key source markets, are now mandated to develop new relationships and manage perceptions within the trade industry. We will continue to work with these partners to build on strong media relationships, communicate our brand position and keep our pulse on the vibe abroad.

Market representatives are Mary Tebje of MTA Tourism Leisure (UK), Adel Grobler of Imagine Global Communications (USA), Anneli Bronkhorst of WWTourism (Netherlands) and Barbara Zieme of AKOMASA (Germany).

Mary Tebje reported that the UK travel market is likely to continue experiencing significant pressure following on from the global financial crisis. She highlighted that UK travellers would be looking for good value offers more than before and, based on discussions we had at the World Travel Market in London, we would like to reinforce her views. It is vital to provide value for money and attractive, authentic reasons to visit Cape Town throughout the year. Our messages will continue to focus accordingly.

It is fitting that this communication reaches you on November 10, 2010, as we celebrate World Responsible Tourism Day. Cape Town Tourism and the City of Cape Town will be sharing the details of our commitment to sustainable tourism and our successes in this arena at World Travel Market in London today. We shall continue to work with the tourism industry and you, our members, in particular to ensure that Cape Town’s future has sustainability as its cornerstone.

Join us on our exciting journey as we develop and implement our 10-year tourism strategy, “Towards 2020”. Some of our key goals are for Cape Town to be celebrated globally as one of the top ten world cities to live, visit, study, work and invest in; to ensure that the city will be able to sustain a healthy year-round tourism industry with many direct flights from key markets across the world; and to ensure that our city will be clean, green, safe and recognised as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

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