October update from the CEO

Cape Town Tourism’s seventh Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on Monday October 17, 2011 and saw the unveiling of a bold marketing campaign for Cape Town.

The campaign forms part of a comprehensive marketing strategy for Cape Town. It is aimed at growing the demand for the destination by speaking to a wider audience in new and established international and domestic markets, while aligning with other sectors beyond tourism.

The campaign is a comprehensive through-the-line campaign that includes advertising on web, print, radio, TV and outdoor, as well as global broadcasting, event leveraging, domestic marketing, local experience development and promotion, and improved conversion platforms for the industry.

The plan and campaign is designed to complement the city and region’s broader economic strategy, and brand and align this with the mandate of the soon-to-be established Economic Development Partnership (EDP). It is our aim to increase current market share to 10 percent of the total visitors to South Africa by mid 2016. But more importantly, we want to create at least 16 000 sustainable and incremental jobs in the tourism sector.

The lengthy consultative and creative process that took place to reach this point resulted in “inspiration” being chosen as a platform for a more compelling positioning for Cape Town. From there, the tagline You don’t need a holiday, you need Cape Town was born. The new positioning and campaign concept were very well received by Cape Town Tourism stakeholders, members and guests at the AGM.

We also presented the 2010/ 2011 Annual Report. I am also happy to report that all proposed resolutions were unanimously passed.

Our Annual General Meeting also saw the election of Cape Town Tourism’s new board members who will take the destination marketing organisation and the city into the new year under this new strategy and campaign. The Board of Cape Town Tourism consists of 10 paid-up members of Cape Town Tourism, as well as the CEO of Cape Town Tourism (ex officio), the City of Cape Town Executive Mayoral Committee Member: Tourism, Events and Marketing, and the Director: Tourism of the City of Cape Town (ex officio).

This year Cape Town Tourism’s membership re-elected two members of the current Board of Directors: Nils Heckscher, managing director of the Winchester Mansions Hotel; and Sabine Lehman, CEO of Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company. One new member was elected - Ravi Nadasen, general manager of Southern Sun The Cullinan.

We look forward to seeing you at the World Travel Awards in London on November 7 where we will present our campaign to international trade.

Mariëtte du Toit-Helmbold

CEO: Cape Town Tourism

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