From the CEO: Providing outstanding service to visitors and residents


Each year the Cape Town Tourism (CTT) team receives thousands of telephonic, walk-in and email queries from visitors and potential visitors to the city. These queries are all handled by our visitor services team, a group of passionate, knowledgeable Capetonians committed to providing outstanding levels of client service to international and domestic visitors, as well as to residents of the Mother City.

The aim of our visitor services offering is to help unlock the tourism potential of Cape Town by connecting visitors and residents to the remarkable experiences and vibrant communities of the city and the province. In doing so, we help to increase tourism spend in the community and encourage repeat visits and recommendations to friends, family and social network groups.

There are a number of ways that visitors can contact us. Our network of 16 information centres, strategically located in tourist hot spots across the city, is well equipped to handle “walk-in” queries. These information centres provide free advice, maps and brochures on Cape Town’s attractions, accommodation and tours to visitors and residents.

Our contact centre, website, social network pages and dedicated visitor services e-mail address provide additional visitor information, ensuring residents, visitors and potential visitors have access to whatever local tourism information they require, regardless of how they prefer to engage with us.

Between October and December 2011, the visitor services team dealt with more than 38 000 walk-in visitors, of whom roughly 18 000 were domestic and over 20 000 international. We also received a little more than 10 000 enquiries during this period – about 8 500 phone calls and 1 500 emails.

Visitor enquiries provide us with tremendous insight into what visitors want to see, do and explore in the city. And by analysing their queries we are able communicate more effectively around topics we know to be of specific interest.

Each quarter we compile a list of the top five topics of enquiry per city region, which we publish to our website. (Click here for the results of the 2011 Q4 survey.)

Of course, we welcome queries and suggestions from members of the local tourism industry as well. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Enver Duminy
Acting CEO: Cape Town Tourism

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