From the CEO – What to Do with Winter

Seasonality has long been a thorn in the side of Cape Town’s hospitality sector. The impact of empty guest houses and unbooked tours is far reaching, hitting not only the pockets of business owners and those employed by the business, but also affecting the satellite businesses that depend on vibrant visitor numbers. In the long run, seasonality also affects growth in tourism. Small tourism businesses simply can’t survive months of low-to-no trade.

Cape Town Tourism is making seasonality a core focus going forward. We are making it the filter through which we are viewing all of our planning. We have begun this process with a research project. The Seasonality Index aims to assess just how severe the problem is and what the high and low points are, as well as to lay proper foundations to measure the effectiveness of our future marketing campaigns. We are also tracking the various sources of visitor arrivals to better analyse visitor patterns.

It is clear that new markets are key to the solution. We can already see that emerging market travelers, particularly those from India, Brazil and the UAE, are quite comfortable with and even favour visiting in our low season. We are pro-actively working on targeting these markets through our marketing strategies, but we all need to roll up our sleeves to promote offerings and experiences in-destination that will meet their expectations and preferences.

What do you think will help mitigate seasonality in Cape Town? We want to hear from you

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