From the CEO Enver Duminy

Becoming the CEO of an organisation like Cape Town Tourism is a bit like becoming a new parent. That mixture of awe, responsibility, fascination and excitement arrives all at once with many good wishes and lots of new equipment to become familiar with but quite soon the hype dies down and the rest of your life begins. Here I am at the beginning.

Tourism remains a powerful sector that is poised for change and growth. Even though economics have led to reduced visitor numbers in past years, the appetite for travel is stronger and more determined than ever. In a shrinking global village, people feel entitled to travel - and tourism has come to mean much more than a holiday.

In Cape Town, we have a healthy set of environmental advantages, especially as we prepare for our World Design Capital year, but there is much we can do internally to strengthen our proposition in the competitive international tourism market. As the City of Cape Town works towards the positioning of a brand for Cape Town, they are also taking the lead on a united, strategic direction for the industry. As the process unfolds, one thing is clear, we cannot do it in silos. Cape Town Tourism has a role to play in interpreting the voice of the industry. 

In my first one hundred days, I will be listening. I am listening to our partners, our members and the team here at Cape Town Tourism. I am tuning into the voices in the landscape and the media and to the impressions of our visitors. I would like to listen to you. Primarily, I will be listening to understand but with a view to action. If you have something to say and some ideas to share, I invite you to have a fresh conversation with me I look forward to connecting with you.

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