From the CEO – Time to Plan

The peak season is starting to subside. We are beginning to look forward to a more mellow and measured season of events and national holidays over the next few months. These ‘breathing’ months are critical to any business as a time for analysis and planning for the next busy season.

Whilst we continue to work on a remedy for seasonality, the downtime can be utilised to prepare by doing market research, networking and forming key partnerships. We can learn a lot from each other and whilst Cape Town Tourism plans to host a number of these conversations, we urge you to invest in creating your own peer networks as a valuable aid to marketing and strategy.

Many of the members we spoke to were focusing their efforts on renewing relationships with their trade contacts in the coming months and we noticed that a number of you were looking at digital platforms for cost-effective marketing and advertising solutions. Quite a few of the members we spoke to said that they used the quieter months for essential staff training and maintenance. They also noted it was also a great time to evaluate how their businesses were positioned and being perceived in an increasingly competitive environment.

It’s not all downtime however. We at Cape Town Tourism are turning our focus to our mid-year LoveCapetown City Breaks. The annual national campaign that will be bigger than before this year and will be offering national and regional visitors some irresistible deals. We are looking for truly exceptional ideas that really appeal not only to the budget but to the senses as well. Can you offer a rejuvenating rest for an exhausted power couple, or a well-priced family experience that will keep the kids spellbound? We’d love to work with you to unlock these deals and open up the cosy season in Cape Town.

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