CEO Blog - They Are Hungry, Lets Give Them a Feast

Yesterday afternoon, we received the good news that Cape Town has once again managed to impress the readers of UK newspaper, The Telegraph when it was voted The Telegraph Travel’s World Favourite City.
Cape Town has received this award for two consecutive years now; an honour made all the more worthy by the fact that this year’s survey garnered 75,000 consumer votes by Telegraph readers in the UK.

Similarly, this year, the users of Tripadvisor decided we are the top destination in Africa and readers of Conde Nast Traveller named Cape Town their top destination in Africa and the Middle East just some weeks back. 
I am not going to mention the accolades that were given to us by panels of judges and travel-wise journalists (even though such awards are no less important – and indicate a level of endorsement that perpetuates public interest) because what I want to stress is that people still love Cape Town. You may have thought it was a fad, a World Cup thing, but the evidence is there – we are still a place that many long to visit.

We need to talk to each other about how we will connect the heart’s desire of these people with the reality of booking a trip. Packaging is everything. We do not have a straightforward beach destination brand, nor can we pin our colours to the mast as an historic city; we are a place of diverse and exciting options, a place people can return to in different ways, at different times and never be bored of. Weaving the story of this tapestry into our identity as tourism businesses is essential to converting the dream to the reality. Which Cape Town are you selling?

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