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Cape Town Tourism CEO Enver Duminy

As the summer season approaches, I have been reflecting on Cape Town Tourism’s part in making this summer a safe, successful one. Our number one priority is to ensure that visitors from near and far are cared for, listened to, assisted and inspired but we are also here for our members; not just in the unfortunate instance of a tragedy or incident, we are here to refer visitors to the services, accommodation, experiences and entertainment that our members provide.

At the AGM, I compared having Cape Town Tourism membership to signing up for a gym contract. In both instances you sign up because you want rewards, but it soon becomes clear that unless you arrive at the gym and work up a sweat you are not going to see results. At this time of the year, we all sweat a little more – and going the distance can make all the difference.

As I write this, news has come in that South Africa is ranked 64th out of 140 countries according to the World Economic Forum's Travel and Tourism Competitive Index. Areas for improvement were cited as prioritisation of travel, tourism and ground transport – and safety and security (including road accidents).

We all have a part to play in keeping our visitors safe this season. Please train your staff to put safety first and act on anything you think is suspicious or unseemly. Use only registered taxi services and Cape Town Tourism vetted service providers. Let’s work together to keep this summer incident free and if you do need help with an incident call us on the Visitor Safety Support Line 021 487 6552 immediately, we have programmes and people to assist both you and your visitors.

It’s just a few months to go until Cape Town is in the spotlight as World Design Capital 2014 – another opportunity for us to work on perception. We are hosting regular information sessions about the opportunities related to World Design Capital over the next three months. Details will be communicated to members, but the first of these sessions are scheduled for 30 and 31 October 2013. We hope to see you there.

As always, I value your thoughts ideas and opinions. Please drop me an email at if you want to chat.

Warm wishes,

Enver Duminy

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