Selling With Confidence Workshop

A practical informative workshop that deals with a three point approach: sales people, sales systems and sales strategies.
Your sales executives will come back to the company with a feasible working plan.
Ensuring that your sales executives manage their planning, time, administration and reporting effectively.
Ensuring that your sales executives plan an effective sales campaign that is sustainable and effective and in line with company requirements.
Ensuring that your sales executives consistently attain their targets.
Self motivation.
Performance measurement.
The search for new business.
Maximizing existing accounts.
Evaluating work ethnics.
Presented by Marc Thompson : See his CV here.

The course looks at the following aspects of sales training:
• The seven steps to a sale
• Sales readiness
• Time, planning and area management
• Systems, strategy and people
• Needs dialogue
• Sales structure
• New business development

This workshop defines every sales step, including personal experience and constant interaction with the class, excellent

Cost: R3 400.00 (Excluding VAT)

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