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July 02, 2014

World Design Capital Wednesdays: Why the Long Street Accidental Art Project is a MUST-SEE!

Hungry for design? Don't miss the Nando's Accidental Art Project on Long Street in Cape Town, the World Design Capital 2014. Image courtesy of http://10and5.com/

We’re midway through Cape Town’s creative designation year as the World Design Capital 2014 and as it progresses, more and more astounding artistic projects are coming into being – like the gobsmacking, head-turning amazing Accidental Art Project at Nando’s on Long Street.

Why’s it just mind-blowingly awesome:

Come on, are you kidding us? This is Nando’s we’re talking about – creators of the “Sharing Meal” ad ( a spoof of the Old Spice man ad)  and, of course, the most delicious burgers this side of the equator. Naturally, any WDC 2014 project they’re involved in would be legendary and it is…

Accidental Art, in a nutshell, is a public art project sponsored by the renowned fast-food chain  and is directed by Yellowwoods Art. Its core concept is to "take art outside" – making art accessible to a wider audience by taking it to the streets and walls of the Mother City, while celebrating Nando’s ongoing involvement and investment in local art.

The project aims to draw attention to creativity and the way in which we use the urban environment, while encouraging passersby and Nando's patrons to think, reflect and communicate.
This will allow for opportunities for people to engage with the art itself, the artists and city spaces in which we live and work. Besides supporting the expression of creative thought, the project will inject new life into the public realm by beautifying and improving the urban environment.

Collaboration is key to the project: aligning the support and direction of Nando's and Yellowwoods Art with the designs of local artists and the expertise of crafters.

Feast for the eyes:

Want to see this tasty exhibit?

Sashay your way up the Mother City’s infamous party street and check out the Long Street temporary installation, a multi-coloured walkway.

The project, which was recently launched, will run for two months, with installations at the Nando's restaurants in Long Street and Kloof Street. These public art pieces will be showcased throughout the year and will remain in the public realm beyond 2014.

Says Kirsty Niehaus, Nando’s Art Initiative: “We thought the multi-coloured temporary walkway was the perfect way to launch this project with flair. It’s awesome for me, as the temporary installation is situated on what was the old Fan Walk, now Reconciliation Walk, as renamed by Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille on Reconciliation Day last December.”

Niehaus adds that, “because Nando’s is a proudly South African brand, with a strong commitment to the local art scene, the question of taking part in the WDC – with Cape Town as the host – was a no-brainer.”

For the Accidental Art inaugural permanent installation, an artwork by Xolile Mtakatya will be scaled up and applied to the facade of the Matador Building, on the corner of Long and Waterkant Streets. This will be executed in acrylics and spray paint by international hand paint specialists, Colossal Media.

The location means that the striking 7m x 9m artwork will be seen by motorists driving up Long Street, and pedestrians walking down Waterkant Street. The execution will take place until Saturday 13 July, and the process itself promises to be a unique spectator activity.

The next part of the project will be a 20sqm half-square ceramic panel, conceived by Liza Grobler, and produced by the Yellowwoods Art Ceramic Studio, applied to the facade of the Earlgo Building, on the corner of Kloof Street and Park Road – near the Kloof Street Nando’s.

“What better way is there to showcase our love of art, than through the WDC in one of our premiere cities in South Africa”, says Niehaus.

For more info, please visit http://10and5.com/2014/07/02/introducing-nandos-accidental-art/.

The temporary art will be visible at the Long Street Nando’s for the next week or so, so head down there before it’s too late, and remember – art marks the spot!

Been to the exhibit and snapped some cool pics? Share them with us at fb@capetown.travel or tag us on Instagram at @lovecapetown.

Editor’s Note: This article was published with information supplied by Jenna van der Merwe of Eclipse Public Relations

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