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July 10, 2013

World Design Capital 2014 - Round Two Submissions

The idea for these submissions is “to think big, consider multi-disciplinary collaborations and demonstrate impact, while delivering feasible solutions in a tangible way.”

The first call for public submissions garnered 572 entries, which showcased design-led problem solving, and with this first round of submissions down, the second round calls for submissions in product design, science and technology, food security, engineering and architecture in Cape Town, as well as from the greater Western Cape province.

World Design Capital 2014 is an international title and year-long celebration of innovation and design that forms part of Cape Town’s broader vision to transform the city towards greater connectivity and inclusivity. The theme is: “Live Design. Transform Life.”

2014 will see a host of creative events and happenings take place around Cape Town. Not only will international creatives be descending on the city to explore and share their work, the focus will be on local initiatives that benefit resident communities.

For more information about World Design Capital 2014 see our post here.
Submit your proposals on the World Design Capital 2014 website.

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