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November 14, 2013

Who’s up for a Table Mountain Photo Challenge?

Without hesitation, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Cape Town? For me it’s Table Mountain. It’s the one iconic landmark that makes this city so easily recognisable on a map. It’s the first thing I see when flying back in to Cape Town and no matter how amazing my trip may have been, it cannot compare to that feeling I get when I first lay eyes on the approaching Table Mountain from an airplane window.

Some of our fans (read social influencers) took their love for Table Mountain one step further and started an online battle to see who could capture the best photo of said mountain. Craig Howes, arguably the most influential iger in Cape Town in terms of his following, and Guy McDonald, award-winning breakfast DJ for GoodHope FM, started the friendly photo battle. And without even realising, their conversation picked up traction with fellow Capetonians and it turned into an epic battle of photos that was quite entertaining to watch. See for yourself:

Craig Howes who manages the fan City of Cape Town Twitter and Instagram account posted this photo:

‏@CityofCapeTown_ Best view of table mountain @TableMountainCa @CapeTown @CapeTownTourism #capetown #tablemountain

Photo by Craig Howes

To which Guy McDonald responded:
@CityofCapeTown_ @TableMountainCa @CapeTown @CapeTownTourism #capetown I'd say THIS view of #tablemountain is better☺

Photo by Guy McDonald

@GuyMcDonald @TableMountainCa @CapeTown @CapeTownTourism I'll see your table and will raise u table with a Beetle pic.twitter.com/x72zCprJ0n

Photo by Craig Howes

@CityofCapeTown_ @TableMountainCa @CapeTown @CapeTownTourism I used to have 1 like that but now I've got..this;)

Photo by Guy McDonald

These were my best photos from the conversation; if you’d like to see the rest go follow the hashtag #tablepicwar – or better yet, get involved! Tweet and Instagram your best photo of Table Mountain and tag it with #tablepicwar. While you’re at it, also tag your photos with #lovecapetown to have your photos featured on our wall.

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