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April 19, 2012

Where’s National Geographic’s Andrew? – photos

Travel writer, National Geographic presenter and digital nomad, Andrew Evans aka @WheresAndrew, is currently in Cape Town to shoot a series of programmes for the National Geographic channel. 

During his time in the city, Andrew has raved about Cape Town and shared his experiences of local food, culutre and his interacton with capetonians. Local tweeters also weigh in: Says Laila Majiet ‏(@laila_newsie): "@WheresAndrew is a great storyteller. He brings to life the magic that lies within our city. 'You don't need a holiday, you need Cape Town'." Adel Groenewald (@Adelgreen) agrees: "Thanks goes to @WheresAndrew for making me appreciate the awesomeness of my own city again." 

Below are some images taken from twitter. It seems the answer to today's question, Where's Andrew?, is Boulder penguin colony, Muizenberg, St. James and Kalk Bay. Join the conversation on Twitter by suggesting your hidden gems. Be sure to use the hashtag #NatGeoinCT, follow the Digital Nomad at @WheresAndrew or read about his unexpected Mother City adventures at digitalnomad.nationalgeographic.com/.

Morning near Muizenburg, colourful beach huts at St. James.

Greetings from the highly curious penguins of Cape Town! My heart is melting from the #cuteovetload! #birds #Africa.

See how friendly and welcoming South Africans are? Black AND white!

Can anyone guess where I am now? Looking for one of my favourite birds!

And why is Cape Town NOT the Mediterranean? Because there are African #penguins hiding in the rocks! #awesome

Hottentot and chips, eating fried #fish in Kalk Bay. #ZA #food

Cape seal swerves in the harbour, turning lithely in the green water, then dives and blows nose bubbles to the surface.

Boulders Bay is such a perfect beach: sunshine, shallow clear pools among massive lumps of granite ... and penguins!

Nothing beats a morning on the beach with penguins. Love their little pink eyes and the pat-a-pat of their flippers/wings.

Happily painted wooden fishing boats rock in the harbour at Kalk Bay; the one in the foreground is called "Little Pearl"

Lunch comes with a kiss at Kalky's Fish & Chips in Kalk Bay

Muizenberg's wide surf beach is world famous – the place where the English invaded the Dutch Cape Colony in 1795.

The Digital Nomad will be in Cape Town for a few more days. He tweets: "Everyone in Cape Town says the same thing, 'I love the sea and the mountains.' Started at the former, headed up the latter - ready for a view?"

Check our blog tomorrow for more pics. 

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