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February 20, 2013

Where Would You Rather Be Wednesdays: top 10 places to be

Admiring the view from the lush green lawns along the Sea Point Promenade is just one of the places we'd rather be on a Wednesday in Cape Town. Photo courtesy of LaBetenoir

You know what, Mother City lovers? You sure know how to show a writer some love … I mean, I put out one simple request for you to tell me where you would rather be on a Wednesday in Cape Town, and not only did you respond in your thousands but boy, did you blow my mind with suggestions!

Of the many gorgeous and great suggestions of places to be I received, it was really, REALLY difficult to narrow them down to the top 10. But here they are:

“The tea garden in The (Company’s) Garden for the best scones ever!” – Danell Wilson-Perlman

“Cecelia forest trail walk or having a nice cup of tea overlooking the sea out Camps Bay way.” – Kevin Charles Pfister

Artscape Theatre has wonderful shows for the whole family and to sit on the beach having an ice-cream watching the sunset is awesome. No place like it!” – Lesley-Anne Stroud

Table Mountain with the man I love most to share this perfect day with me, quality time and rediscover the beauty of our love, picnic basket and our favourite red wine.” – Mathilda Janse Van Vuuren

“Satori restaurant in Kalk Bay  awesome pizza, pasta, wine and company!” – Nazley Khan

“Where I would rather be on Wednesday in Cape Town? Well, behind the Cecil Rhodes Memorial, at the former little teahouse, which now has grown to a super restaurant. You are sitting there outside, enjoying an enormous panorama. A wonderful place. Love it since 1973.” – Ralla

“On the deck at Rick's Café Américain in Gardens with Kirsty Blackford & Carmen Whitcher” – Deva Britow

“Having olives at The Daily Deli, then a cocktail by the pool at the Cape Milner Hotel, please!” – Jonas Vail

“Would like to just relax on the beautiful grass at Sea Point and just enjoy the scenery & the fresh air that would be great!” – Joslyn Arendse

“Having tea/coffee, with my daughter, in any of the lovely tea/coffee shops that abound the Cape.” – Anne Daniel

Today we start this fun process all over again, so tell us Where You Would Rather Be on Wednesdays in Cape Town by hitting the comment button below or on our Facebook page, sending us your best photos of places you’d rather be, and suggestions to fb@capetown.travel or via Twitter @CapeTownTourism.


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