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March 13, 2014

What’s Infecting the city 2014?

Tourists and locals are in for a treat even if they spend just ONE hour this week in the city centre!   

This exciting, engaging and visually stimulating festival is a favourite of mine.  What a way to enjoy a walkabout – following the Festival Man with his parasol and white balloons as one moves through St George’s Mall and on to street corners, past fountains and squares, churches and buildings, curio stalls and street vendors.

Soak it in!  Or you will miss the living pavement and walls, the animated nooks and crannies.

I have been hugged by a wall in Queen Victoria Street and gazed into the eyes of someone from the distant past who I do not know. I have been lifted and carried on the voices of a choir performing is Sesotho, Afrikaans and English – a work by Neo Muyanga in the Centre for the Book and have marveled at the artistry of pieces like “Couched” and “Hatched” both inspirational works that kicked off this year’s festival.

Today, the highlight was  Mamela Nyamza and Faniswa Yisa’s riveting piece “19-born-76-rebels”. It was evocative and thought provoking and held the ever- growing crowd captive and entranced.   Making my way back to the office after only an hour on our streets had me celebrating Cape Town’s diversity and looking forward to tomorrow when I go out to converse with my city again.

Visit Cape Town Tourism’s Visitor Information Centre in Burg Street for Infecting the City’s Programme  or visit www.infectingthecity.com

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